Les Gîtes des Argillets La volaille de Bresse, (Bresse Poultry) AOC since 1957 will be selected by top chefs and lovers of good food. Only genuine Bresse Poultry can use the         "Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée" Quality Seal. The identity rings are specific to each bird and are stamped on the back with the name and the adress        of the breeders, who attach them to the left leg. The tricolour seal is attached by the dispatcher at the base of the neck. The Bresse chicken will be         recognized by its red crest, white feathers and blue feet. It's free-range according to the regional tradition and will be supplementary feed with cereals,         sweet corn and milk products. Every mid-December since 1862, farmers from the Bresse region present their best poultry for judging by juries in        4 competitions, mentioned "Les Glorieuses". (in Bourg-en-Bresse, Louhans, Pont-de-Vaux und Montrevel-en-Bresse)  The coteaux (vineyards) from Bugey  produce wines of superior quality  like "le Cerdon", an original spearkling rosé, "la Mondeuse" (red wine) with its         inimitable bouquet or "la Rossette" (AOC), a white wine with a hint of violets and "la Fine" (a distilled wine matured in oakbarrels).  Other good flavours of the region : butter made in the traditional way, bread baked in a woodoven, strained white cheese (with or without Crème fraîche),         cheeses (Comté, Bleu from Gex and Ramequin), poultry and pike quenelles, quenelles with "sauce Nantua" (prepared with a crayfish butter base),         chicken liver flans, "les Diots" from Bugey (sausages cooked on a bed of grape marc), frogs (sprinkled with parsley or prepared with cream sauce,...),         Vonnas pancakes, "les Gaud'rioles" (kind of sweet biscuits made with corn flower), traditional teacakes smothered in cream and dusted with sugar, ... Flavors of the region Auberge du “Mont-Myon” Rue Viperelle 01370 Pressiat tél.: 04 74 51 56 90  auberge.montmyon@orange.fr Auberge du “Vieux Meillonnas” Le Bourg 01370 Meillonnas tél.: 04 74 51 34 46 auvieuxmeillonnas@orange.fr  www.auvieuxmeillonnas.fr Restaurant “Le Candi” Rue du 16 Avril 1944 Roissiat 01370 Courmangoux tél.: 04 74 51 50 24 Boulangerie - Patisserie "Bon" Rue du 16 Avril 1944 Roissiat 01370 Courmangoux tél.: 04 74 51 51 24  Baker La Fromagerie du Revermont Place du Champ de Foire Treffort 01370 Treffort-Cuisiat tél.: 04 74 51 33 01 www.fromageriesdurevermont.fr   Cheese-dairy/Boutique L’office de tourisme Bresse-RevermontFerme de Condal 01370 Saint Etienne du Bois tél.: 04 74 30 59 67 tourisme@bresse-revermont.fr  Tourist centre/Boutique Welcom Gite N° 127001 Gite N° 127002 Gite N° 127003 Gite N° 127004 Leisure Sights Region's Products Maps Contact us Links Region's Products