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Family Ksander will be very happy to welcome you in one of the four holiday cottages “Gites des Argillets”, which are located in the small village of Chevignat at the foot of Mont Myon.   Mme Ksander  mail : argillets.ksan@orange.fr 45, rue Saint Sébastien   Tél.: +33(0)4 74 51 54 34 01370 Courmangoux portable : +33 (0)6 25 54 07 19
Chevignat    From Chevignat, a charmant village  of the community of Courmangoux  and in the region of Revermont, you  will discover the Bresse, Dombes,  Bugey, the valley of the Saone and the  Jura mountains with their vineyards. You will find the nostalgia of the past  in many regional museums, local fairs  and flea markets. Hikes will take you  over hill and dale to the chapels long  forgotten, nicely restored, which will  delight you with their simplicity and  their ancestral stones (St. Rémi from  the XIVth, Dingier from the XIXth, Mont Fort from the XIII/XIVth century and  Pouillat from the Renaissance). On foot, by bike or by car, the  Revermont between Bresse and Jura  will reveal you hidden wonders miles  along its flowery route.